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Doth Protest is a podcast on church history and how the theology of the 16th-century Reformers can inform us today. It is hosted by Episcopal priest Rev. Andrew Christiansen along with Stephen Burnett and Rev. James Rickenbaker. It also features interviews with theologians and scholars of church history. Show music is done by Aaron Shows. We can be listened to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. Follow us on Twitter @DothProtestPod FB & Instagram @doth.pro_ref.pod

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5 days ago

Dr. Ray Baker joins Andrew and James today to discuss C.S. Lewis' hermeneutics and approach to Scripture. It was such an enjoyable conversation.Shownotes: Dr. Baker's book that we referred to throughout the episode is Beyond Narnia: The Theology of C.S. LewisHere is a link to other articles and essays written by Dr. Baker 

Saturday May 11, 2024

James and Andrew were delighted to be joined by Jon Moffit and Justin Perdue from the podcast Theocast. In this episode, we get into:1) What distinguishes a Reformed Baptist from most typical Baptists in North America (which is rather similar to what distinguishes Anglicans like Andrew and James from many Anglicans in North America)2) Discussing the 'better way': an alternative out of dead-orthodoxy and pietism3) The differences between Anglicans and Reformed Baptists on Baptism
Theocast's ministry and primary focus is to "encourage weary pilgrims to rest in Christ". Jon and Justin are both Baptists from a classical Reformed perspective. James and Andrew enjoyed this conversation as it highlighted much more of what unites us in Christ rather than what separates us in secondary matters. God Bless

Thursday May 02, 2024

The Most Rev'd Peter D. Robinson, Presiding Bishop of the United Episcopal Church of North America joins the podcast to discuss Philip Melanchthon's influence on 16th-century Anglicanism. 
Shownotes:-In this episode we frequently refer back to Bishop Peter's article "Melanchthon and Anglicanism" in The North American Anglican and Dewey D. Wallace, Jr.'s article "The Anglican Appeal to Lutheran Sources: Philipp Melanchthon's Reputation in 17th Century England".
-Andrew referenced the books The Life of Philip Melanchthon by Carl Friedrick Ledderhose and The Second Martin: The Life and Theology of Martin Chemnitz by J.A.O Preus

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024

Drew Nathaniel Keane (who previously appeared on the episode "Samuel L. Bray and Drew Keane on the 1662 Book of Common Prayer International Edition") comes back on the podcast to discuss his 2024 book How to Use the Book of Common Prayer that he authored along with Samuel Bray. We had a great conversation on the contents of the classic Prayer Book. Shownotes:We also reference, toward the end of the episode:Book V of Richard Hooker's Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity and C.S. Lewis' essay "'Miserable Offenders': An Interpretation of Prayer Book Language" reprinted in God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics. 

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Doth Protest host Andrew delves into a recent series done on The Rest is History podcast about Martin Luther.
Shownotes:Bernhard Lohse's book Martin Luther's TheologySteven Ozment's book The Age of ReformErik Herrmann's article "Luther's Absorption of Medieval Biblical Interpretation and His Use of the Church Fathers" in The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther's Theology

Bibles (with Jay Mills)

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

The NIV, the RSV, the KJV? The Women's Bible, the Student's Bible, the Athlete's Bible, the Construction Worker's Bible? There's all kinds of Bibles out there, and where to start?  Former guest of the pod the Rev. Jay Mills joins Andrew and James today. They each discuss the translations and editions of the Bible that they prefer, both for their own reading and for recommendation for others. Note* all the Bibles we are discussing are English language translations.Shownotes:-Jay discusses some of his qualms he has with the SBL Study Bible-Andrew referred to this graph that plots the different Bible translations in regard to what kind of translation. (And like James points out, the graph is not perfect)-Though Andrew overall likes the NRSV translation, here is a link that he referenced that explains some of its issues.Links for the recommended Bibles brought up on this episode (we encourage you to do your own searching of these two, as they can come in hardcover, leather bound, paperback, e-book, etc.):Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) Holy BibleThe Reader's Bible (in different translation & formats)New International Version (NIV) Study Bible (2011 edition)English Standard Version (ESV) Study BibleThe Reformation Study Bible (in ESV)Life Application Bible (available in several translations, Andrew recommends NIV for this one)
Bible commentary series mentioned:Tyndale Bible CommentariesNew International Commentary series(New Testament) Through Old Testament Eyes seriesBrazos Theological Commentary series

Friday Mar 15, 2024

James and Andrew were honored to be guests on podcast Broken Vessels: Theology for a Broken Church hosted by Joshua Simpkins and Brad Kafer. Check out more content from The Broken Vessels Podcast here.

Saturday Mar 09, 2024

An unintended multiple-sessions-in-the-making episode. James and Andrew revisit their favorite theologians list from two years ago and make some changes. James also fills us in on the research on church growth and travels he did during his sabbatical.Shownotes -James referenced Alister McGrath's book Narrative Apologetics: Sharing the Relevance, Joy, and Wonder of the Christian Faith and Justin Holcomb's book On the Grace of God-Andrew referenced:-Armand Nicholi's book The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life-Don H. Olive's biography of Wolfhart Pannenberg-Pannenberg's essay "Gospel and Church: The Proposed Concordat between Lutheran and Episcopal Churches in the USA" from the book Inhabiting Unity-Andrew's own article in The Living Church "Who Jesus is and Why that matters for the church: Remembering Carl Braaten" that mentioned Pannenberg's influence on Braaten.-the books by JI Packer: --Keeping the 10 Commandments--The Thirty-Nine Articles: Their Place and Use Today (with R.T. Beckwith)--How to be a Christian: An Anglican Catechism (with Joel Scandrett)

Friday Feb 09, 2024

This is the third and final part of our series where we reviewed a set of statements put forth by the Episcopal Fellowship for Renewal.
In this episode, Andrew mentions the article "Those Hyper-Politicized Evangelicals" by Timothy Dalrymple. 
James mentions the book Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark A. Noll

Luther, Calvin, and the Law

Monday Jan 29, 2024

Monday Jan 29, 2024

James and Andrew dive into the Reformational distinction of Law and Gospel followed by a discussion on the 'uses' of the Law as they appear in Calvin's Institutes and in Luther's thought.
The quotations on the three uses of the Law from Calvin are from Ford Lewis Battle's translation of Institutes of the Christian Religion Book 2, Chapter 7 
Andrew brought up Luther's disputes with the Antinomians and quoted Luther from the book Only the Decalogue is Eternal: Martin Luther's Complete Antinomian Theses and Disputations from Lutheran press (translated by Holger Sonntag)
For further reading on the early development of the concept of a 'third use' in Lutheranism, Andrew mentioned the book Law and Gospel: Philip Melanchthon's Debate with John Agricola of Eisleben over Poenitentia by Timothy Wengert.


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